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New DADiSP SRS 2.0


Shock Response Spectrum Module


DADiSP/SRS is a menu driven module designed for the analysis of the Shock Response Spectrum (SRS). SRS Analysis is a useful tool in minimizing the potential damage to a component due to shock. SRS is employed in industries such as aerospace engineering, automotive engineering, Department of Defense and ordnance evaluation.
Given acceleration time history data, the SRS module allows the user to choose from a variety of industry standard analysis methods and select the desired frequency range and spacing. The damping ratio or Q factor is also adjustable.


Key Features

- Simple Dialog Box User Interface

- Ramp Invariant (Smallwood) Step Response

- Impulse Invariant Impulse Response

- Bilinear Transform Frequency Response

- Whole Octave Frequency Spacing

- Fractional (1/N) Octave Frequency Spacing

- Linear Frequency Spacing

- Adjustable Damping Ratio / Q Factor


New SRS 2.0 Features


- Absolute Maximum Response

- Maximum Magnitude Response

- Minimum Magnitude Response

- Positive Response

- Negative Response





Trasduttore lineare di spostamento LVDT con tastatore e molla di richiamo, corsa 5 mm,  IP-65

- SPECIFICHE TECNICHE -   - Corsa: 5 mm con tastatore - Accuratezza: 0.5%FS - Risoluzione: 0.001 mm - Lunghezza: 22 cm - Diametro: 3 cm - Alimentazione: 24V - Uscita: 0-5V Completo di piastra di montaggio e supporti sensore in alluminio.  …